Private Consultations.

We now offer private consultations by the hour – or more precisely, by the minute. This service is for a single issue consultation with the founder of the company, Sally Kintz.

Through the Clarity platform, you’ll find our account and can easily schedule a call. If you would like to take advantage of this, please click here to proceed.

The process will unfold like this:

Schedule a call. You’ll be asked to select three dates and times that work best for you. Then you’ll briefly specify the reason for the call (what you would like help with). You’ll get an automated email and will have 72 hours to respond and choose one of the times you’ve selected.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a conference line and access code. Put it on your calendar and organize your questions so that we can use the time efficiently. As many as eight people can use the same conference call data if you’d like others to join your end of the call.

At the scheduled time, call the conference line provided to you in the confirmation email. If there will be more than one person on your side, each much dial the same number on a separate line. No speaker phones, please.

After the call, you’ll be charged our per-minute rate ($10), and we’ll get paid. You can then leave a rating and review our time together—a good incentive for us to be fully engaged, figure out issue quickly, and provide substantive help.

We hope you’ll make use of this and benefit from it. If you are ready now, click here to begin the process. Our founder, Sally Kintz will be the person working directly with you on this call.

Here are the five guidelines that Clarity publishes, meant to be followed by both parties:

Being Open Minded
Open minds are strongly encouraged. There’s no use allowing the conversation to turn abrasive. It’ll get ya nowhere. If things start going off the tracks, it’s sometimes best to wrap it up and move on.

Being On Time
Being on time shows respect and eagerness to meet the other person, which always sets things off on the right foot. We understand, things come up. Please do your best to re-schedule or cancel the call so as to free up time for the other person.

No Hawking
The reason you’re here is to give or receive expert business advice, not to sell or be sold to. That being said, if, in the conversation, the other person says something like, “Wow, that’s interesting—I’d love to be a customer” then it’s fair game.

Be Prepared
We highly recommend you take 5-10 minutes before the call to prepare. Gather some questions or topics to cover in the call so you can quickly engage and make the most of the conversation. Preparation is key.

Be Yourself
Some people try and create business accounts on Clarity. That’s not how we work. Our members want to know who you are, not your company. Real people and reputation is the key to making Clarity work.

Looking forward to meeting you on-line!