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Books are better.

“Books are better than television, the internet, or the computer for educating and maintaining freedom. Books matter because they state ideas and then attempt to thoroughly prove them. They have an advantage precisely because they slow down the process, allowing the reader to internalize, respond, react and transform. The ideas in books matter because time is taken to establish truth, and because the reader must take the time to consider each idea and either accept it or, if he rejects it, to think through sound reasons for doing so. A nation of people who write and read is a nation with the attention span to earn an education and free society if they choose.”
― Oliver DeMille

When you were a child and drew a picture on a piece of paper, did you feel the need to fill up the entire page? Were you told it was wasteful to leave empty space? That belief may have been okay then, but it might not be a good idea for your marketing materials now. Fewer words or less design means higher impact for the words you do use. You don’t have a lot of time to catch someone’s attention and too many words will get lost. Only the main words will be read anyway, so don’t clutter your materials with information that won’t be read. Using fewer words will help you stick to the main point. Keep it simple.

It’s time to take a close hard look at your voice mail system. If you don’t have one – don’t worry. I think you’re actually in better shape than most companies with a voicemail system! How many times have you tried to call a business and got stuck in Voicemail Purgatory? Last week I called a local station that I call frequently. I have a new sales rep and could not get to him. The phone system was overloaded with calls and asked me to type in his last name. I had no idea how to spell his last name. I needed something right away and this was aggravating – and I know their system! Think of how a new customer would have felt dealing with this same issue.

This week call your own office and listen carefully. I’m sure there’s something you can do to make your voice mail system work better. Your customers should be able to reach you quickly and easily. Don’t ask them to go to a menu or type in your last name or call another phone number. It’s dumb. It stops you from making a sale and is poor customer service. Rethink your voicemail system and seriously consider a warm live voice instead of a machine.

Here are few ideas that will help you build a better business with reliable, happy customers.

Getting Started
  • Research your competition
  • Start a file of ads and promotions you like
  • Set goals of where you want to be
  • How much money do you want to earn?
  • Exactly what do you want to accomplish?
What’s Different About You?
  • Target your market regionally and by demographics
  • Write a short, honest, memorable positioning statement
  • What is different about you?
  • What benefits your customers most?
  • Fine tune your image
    Consistent logo and type used
    Refine personal image
    Your office projects your image
Start Promoting
  • Speak Up – become a local authority for your specialty
  • Volunteer with complimentary causes
  • Write a column or articles
  • Send press releases and news releases to ALL media
  • Cross promote with other businesses whenever possible
  • Don’t overlook bartering and networking
  • Use community bulletin boards: radio and TV
Keeping Your Customers
  • Build your own database with ACT or Outlook – ask permission!
  • Maintain contact with your own holiday cards, articles, gifts
  • Ask customers to refer you or provide you with references
  • Ask customers how you can improve service
  • Listen to your customer carefully – what is working?
  • Give the best incentives to long-term customers
  • Build your own web site
  • Start an e-zine, e-mail contact maintained with permission
FREE Not Easy
  • Work harder, work smarter than your competition
  • Provide more to your customer – always say “thank you”
  • Keep it simple! Give your promotions time to work
  • Keep your focus and be consistent
  • Ask what you can do to help yourself most – every day

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