‘Tis the Season…for Marketing! Tip #4

This week we’ve been discussing ways to amp up your holiday marketing. Yesterday we talked about the advantages of Pinterest, today its about the true spirit of the holiday.

Tip #4:

Don’t focus solely on making money.

Take this time to not only focus on ways to make money, but the spirit of the holiday as well.

Use this time of year to offer tips and hints to your customers on your blog or in your e-newsletter. If you’re a bakery offer up two or three of your favorite holiday recipes. If you’re a florist, offer people tips for creating holiday centerpieces and decorations.

You should also include one or two posts that aren’t directly related to your business. Posts that are just feel good, friendly posts for your customers. Maybe an article on buying gifts for the hard to buy for, or Christmas traditions.

You could also promote local events going on to support charities or other causes.

Check back tomorrow for more holiday marketing tips!